2. Risk Management

Black Death of a Financial Plan

Many baby boomers are finding themselves in the uncomfortable position of becoming parent to their parents. Research shows that caregivers caught off guard by an ailing parent may suffer almost as much vocationally and emotionally as they do financially. If you planned to withdraw 5% a year to support your lifestyle when you retire, and…

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Earthquake! Storms! Protect Your Home and Business with these 3 Tips

RiskManagement042810 With all the disasters happening out there, I had to let you know my favorite resource on the subject-Charles Wilson of Risk Smart Solutions. Charles is a fee-only insurance expert with whom I have personally used to review all of my risks-home, auto, business, rental properties, etc The link above is an interview I…

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Health Care Changes in America

HEALTH CARE CHANGES IN AMERICA Might this be the end of the debate? Most Definitely Not. The House approves the Senate bill. Not a single Republican voted for it, but 219 Democrats did – and by a vote of 219-212, the House of Representatives sent the Senate’s version of landmark healthcare legislation toward President Obama’s…

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