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Fern is a Certified Financial Planner™ and author of many personal finance ebooks. She helps people increase their net worth with common sense strategies to maximize every dollar earned so they can retire at any age and live the life they want.

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  • Top 7 Tax Saving Tips

    This is a short, easy to read ebook that can put cash in your pocket now. These are the most popular 7 tax saving tips that you can easily understand and implement immediately to get increased cash flow.

  • The 7 Secrets of The Wealthy

    In this 15 page article, you will find out why some people attract money and some people don’t. It makes the difference between struggling with money and having money work for you.

Are you part of the 99% that is frustrated at the lack of reliable, proven wealth building information that is free of all the sales pitches, and half truths?

Get Back to Positive
Cash Flows

I have sold a business for millions, helped a real estate developer get back to positive cash flows in this down economy, and helped many families get an investment portfolio that they fully understand. One that they can manage to meet their goals.

Fee-only Financial

I am a fee-only Financial Advisor with over 26 years experience as a Certified Financial Planner licensee, Registered Investment Advisor, and Enrolled Agent (Enrolled to represent taxpayers in Tax Court).

Personal Financial

A personal financial plan that fully incorporates :Your Personal life goals, Your Individual tax bracket, and your Risk Tolerance.

When you come from the view of money supporting your lifestyle that is - real wealth.


"Fern coached me in all aspects of running my own business in the arts. We started with the idea that in order to prepare for the feast, you need to clean everything up first and slowly arrange the food on the plate. Some of the systems that Fern helped me put in place consisted of setting up a spreadsheet to determine how much profit I had on each job so i knew what I had to live on. Prioritizing getting work in the pipeline and organizing the shop to make it happen, Fern coached me on identifying different types of communication styles of the gallery owners so I could determine how they wanted to be communicated with. Fern is also an experienced Financial Advisor and helped me get my 401 K rollover together. Working with Fern definitely set my course for a successful new year, I highly recommend Fern as a career coach."

Therese Lahaie, Apparatus Design

“Fern does a terrific job of interviewing various people who can offer insight to her clients and connections. She asked me to offer tips about how to get a home and small business prepared for a disaster, like an earthquake. Fern's expertise at making these valuable, sharing experiences for everyone is impressive. The fact that she works so hard to make these happen is wonderful.”

Charles T. Wilson, RiskSmart Solutions

“Fern sees the big picture and can coach you to financial success. Her techniques for the do-it-yourself client are unique. Follow her blog, her ideas, suggestions and options as you maneuver to a better financial life.”

Curtis Smith CFP, Central/Midwest Team at Mercer Advisors

“Fern helped me move through the transition of operating my business solo during my divorce, which was a new experience and a very trying period for me! I also appreciated that I could get financial advice from a fee-based adviser who was not going to profit from the difficulties I already was having with the divorce, as the lawyers proved untrustworthy in that regard. I knew it was all up to me to figure it out, yet I needed some kind of personal support and Fern showed up just in time. Very empowering.

I appreciated her help in straightening out my finances and helping me do a real estate project on my own. Now I have the confidence to lead a large real estate project and find the right support people to help me. What a relief!”

Sylvia Litchfield, Real Estate Investor and Consultant

“In a group coaching session for our small business loan clients, Fern led an informative and helpful workshop for those wanting to know the basics of financial planning. At the end of the coaching session, participants are able to know where they stand in their financial health and what resources to tap into to address their concerns. Fern takes the time to answer individual questions and offer advice on particular scenarios, and the whole group benefits from the dialogue.”

Regie Ledesma, Development & Marketing Assistant - Lenders for Community Development

“Yes, I would recommend a friend to Fern. I liked her knowledge of any of the aspects of money I brought up. I had many questions and she patiently answered them even if I didn't get it the first time. She helped me with not only general information but specifics and proven strategies. We worked on what I felt was most important with guidance but not domination from Fern. During the calls I felt that they were all about me and not Fern trying to impress me or show off. She always respected my humanity and never made me feel stupid or belittled.”

Dave Humphreys

"Fern's steadiness and patience helped guide the Silicon Valley Shambhala meditation community through a difficult time. She brought care and attention to detail regarding finances, and compassionately held the concerns and needs of each member. Her commitment to meditation practice created a reference point of care and steadiness for the community.  Her qualities as a leader include thoughtfulness, warmth, and compassion." Cody McGough,  Northern California Shambhala Inc.

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