6. Retirement Planning

It’s Coming!

 The Updated version of the 401K First Aid Kit- How to Stop Your Portfolio Bleeding and Get Back to Financial Health is being update for 2014.  Here’s what’s in it: *Don’t know how to get the maximum out of your 401K plan? Use this easy to read resource on the benefits of using a 401k…

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You Inherited an IRA- Now What?

IRAs (Individual Retirement Account) are great investment vehicles for tax deferred growth and estate planning. An IRA has a designated beneficiary when the account is set up that makes it easy to determine who should inherit the money. Usually the beneficiary is a spouse but sometimes it is a minor or a non-spouse. It gets…

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Is Your Pension Plan Failing?

Are you worried that your pension plan won’t be around when you need it? Do you know what to look for if it it failing? Traditional pension plans are defined benefit plans in which the employer promises to pay a specific amount, usually monthly, based on years of service and salary in the last years…

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