Putting Your Money Where It Matters- Mindfully

I want to change the way you think about money! It’s hard to find the real truth in financial
information today and even harder to know whom to trust. That is about to change.

Among the key findings in the CFP Board (Consumer Federation of America Household
Financial Planning) survey are that people today are facing tough choices about how to allocate
more limited financial resources. “Saving enough money for future goals…while also
maintaining an adequate emergency fund and staying out of serious debt has always been a
challenge…Advances in technology have made accessing and analyzing financial information
much easier, however a lack of understanding about savings and investments options as well as
how to best manage household finances remains a serious obstacle to Americans financial

55% of Americans say, “It’s hard for me to know who to trust for financial advice.”
Our financial planning articles are written by fee-only Financial Advisors and Certified Financial Planner licensees.

52% say, “Investing seems complicated.”
After every article, we have action tips in each financial planning category to make it easy for you.

55% say, “I’m worried about losing my money if I invest it.”
In each issue, there are proven tools and resources to help you make money, not lose it.

My meditation teacher told me that the mind is a powerful ally that helps us focus on what we
need to do: study, play sports, cook, save and invest, etc. Look for insightful articles from spiritual teachers on how to connect to and attract abundance in your life.

There are no ‘“Get Rick Quick!” schemes. This is about making the best of each dollar to support you and your family in what you want to do now and in the future. You will hear from financial psychologists who will offer advice on how to build healthy financial behaviors.

Let’s not forget the inspiring stories from people successful at getting out of debt, saving and investing.

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