7. Tax Planning

File Your Taxes Late

File your taxes late? Yes, some tax rules are made to be broken. The rule I am talking about is filing your taxes by April 15th. Some people can prosper by not filing timely. Here is #1 of 3 of those situations: 1.  If you are making a Roth IRA conversion, filing an extension can…

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Maximum 401K Contribution

To find your 401k maximum contribution for 2010 and more see 401K Contribution Limits To make the most of your 401K contributions, you need to know first how much you can contribute. Usually that is based on a vesting schedule. See your employer about when you “vest”.  401K contributions are also limited. You can contribute…

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Tax Harvest Time

Fall is such a wonderful time of year. I love the local harvest festivals and the earthy colors of the season. It is also the time of year when Financial Advisors think of tax harvesting which is a term that they use when reviewing portfolios for tax efficiency and thinking about how to offset gains…

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