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Love and Investments

I’ve always talked about the problem of falling in love with your investments and I’ve seen it all over the 20 plus years in my office – tears, marital fights, family arguments, etc. As a Wealth Coach it is my job to be objective and impartial. I’m the number cruncher who can show you the…

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Why You Need a Mortgage

You need a mortgage. Sounds crazy right? Isn’t sound financial planning and wealth building strategies all about saving and investing? Not necessarily. It is about saving and invest and keeping more of what you earn. That means keeping a careful eye on taxes. One of the biggest tax deductions (other than your retirement plans like…

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Home or Investment?

After 8 months of looking, and being outbid twice (yes, Bay Area real estate is still hot in certain areas), I finally found a home to buy. Every time I think that prices cannot go any higher – they go higher… and higher. What does this mean for all of us? For people trying to…

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