College Education Costs Twice the Inflation Rate-Financial Aid Tips

The cost of an education will increase about twice of the general inflation rate.  Students are finding that their parents make too much money for some financial aid and not enough for others.

Listen to this half hour interview with Fred Amrein,  a fee-only NAPFA Financial Advisor with Amrein Financial who specializes in financial aid, college education funding and investment management. Fred teaches us the ins and out of the financial aid process and how to pay for college without going broke or spending our life savings.


Learn the ins and outs of the Financial Aid Process and how to pay for college without Going Broke or Spending Your Life Savings.

• College is an Investment-Focus on the Outcome of the Education
• College Financial Aide officers are limited to what they can tell you
• Saving Money is not just the financial aid process
• Be careful of Financial Advisors specializing in College Financial Aid

The financial aid process and your special family financial circumstances can be complex and confusing- get answers from a professional on this call.

What you will learn:
• Understand the Financial Aid Process and your positioning
• Risks to avoid in College Funding
• The Interaction of financial aid, educational tax credits and college saving plans

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