Personal Financial Plan

There are  7 steps to build wealth and I go into detail for each one on this website. I have also given you  resources that I highly value to help you even more. There are links to get a free credit report, and links to fee-only Financial Advisors, and links to financial calculators.  If you aren’t the do-it-yourself type, I am always available to help mentor you through the steps. What is different about me, Wealth Coach Fern, is that I empower you with the information and the tools to build your own wealth program.

Why is that so important? Because studies have shown that most of you will follow through on a comprehensive financial plan if you “own” it. That is what attracted me so much to the coaching model. I want you to be successful and I can coach you through a complete personal financial plan. I have 30 years (gulp! I am old) experience in this field and very passionate about it. If there is any way I can make it easy or if you need more info on a topic, let me know. I want you to build wealth and wealth beyond money!