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Below are the my published ebooks on Amazon.  I know that these ebooks will give you information that you can take to the bank. In fact, I am so sure -that I am going to reward you for telling the world what you got from the ebook and how it helped you.

Here’s the deal – You purchase the ebook and write an honest review on Amazon of  what you got out of it and then send me an email (support@mindfulmoneymag.com) or make a comment below that you have done so.

In return, I will spend 15 minutes on the phone with you about any personal finance dilemma you may have. Each review earns you 15 minutes with me so you can get a whole hour of time with me, a Certified Financial Planner for over 26 years experience,  for only 4 reviews.

Inherited IRA Rules

The 401K First Aid Kit: Stop Your Portfolio Losses and Get Back to Financial Health


The 7 Secrets of the Wealthy


The Top 7 Tax Saving Tips


The 7 Worst Pieces of Financial Advice


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