Attract Money by Being a Good Steward of Money

I gathered all of my receipts for 2010 and put them into large envelopes. One is for personal and one is for business. I don’t have many receipts anymore since I use a credit card for everything. I use a credit card that gives me a cash back rebate and that I can download data into quicken so I always have information on how I am doing. I always pay off the balance.

Take the time now to have some kind of way to track your income and expenses and investments. To attract money and build wealth, you must be a good steward of money. That’s why so many people who have won the lottery end up in bankruptcy – they never had the skills to take care of the money they had.

Make a resolution to take care of what you have and you will automatically be able to attract more. My coaching clients understand this and the first thing we do together is get a system in place that they use, understand, and maintain. They report better organization, better information to make decisions, and more income for investments. Wouldn’t you like to start the year with that?

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