Fern LaRocca - Your Financial Coach For Life

I am Fern LaRocca,  a Certified Financial Planner™ and a Wealth Coach. I am your Wealth Coach for life because life is constantly changing and so are your finances.  

I want to partner with you to help relieve the daily money stress that you have in your life.

Building wealth doesn't start when you have money to invest - It starts right now with what you have. 

Fern Alix LaRocca
Fern Alix LaRocca

We will work together - differently….

Instead of spreadsheets and calculations that tell you what you need to invest to achieve your goals, I work with where you are now.  Impermanence is part of life. Scientific studies of predictions of interest rate changes and timing stock market fluctuations have proven to be incorrect. No one has a crystal ball. Stop the guessing and work with the current market, and the current tax laws to get the maximum return. Clients get immediate feedback that their money is working hard for them and it shows. 


We work holistically......

Proper financial planning is not just about investing. It is making sure your estate plan is up to date. It is about making sure your credit score is good and you have risk management in place to protect yourself and your family. I make sure you are making the most of your individual retirement plans as well as your company's retirement plans and stock options. I am also an Enrolled Agent (tax specialist) so you are getting all the deductions you are legally allowed. 


We work with now… 

Why wait till you have the money to invest? You can start now with what you have. The best time to invest is NOW. Don't put off what you can do today for a secure financial future tomorrow. There are no minimums you need to have to work with me - only a desire to make a difference in your personal finances. 


I am here for you....

Life changes - death, divorce, careers, a new baby, etc. Your money should change with your life. I am here to help you rearrange your finances for those expected and unexpected changes in life. Nothing stays the same and neither should your financial plan. Let's review annually to keep you where you want to be.  


I am fee-only 

I only accept hourly fees. There are no commissions that I receive if you implement my advice. There are no perks from brokerage houses like cruises or bonuses. I only work for an hourly fee that is clearly stated when we begin. Long term clients get the advantage of lower rates for longer term agreements. 


Coaching Agreement  (Click here to download)

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