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It’s summer time and people are going places. The kids are out of school and many vacation plans are laid out. It’s also a time when people reflect on their personal development. There are lots of programs to inspire and motivate you to build wealth – there is the book called the Secret, and there is Oprah’s the Power of Now program, and there are many others. But to truly make a change in your life that is sustainable -you must take action. As the famous Zen Master, Suzuki Roshi once said, “You can keep reading the menu, but sooner or later you must eat.“. A lot of wealth coaches work with your money personality or the fears, guilt or shame that surround financial issues and that’s fine, however I am quite different. I acknowledge what has happened in the past but I work with how you are now and where you want to go. In that respect I am very much like a travel agent.

Hello, my name is Fern. Where would you like to go in the next year, ten years, or even 20?”  We will talk about the barriers to build wealth and the support you have and what you will need to make that happen (skills, contacts, etc.).  Above all, what action are you willing to take today to progress to where you want to be? I have  my bags packed  to go along with you and it is filled with tools and resources (from my 27 years in the financial industry) to help make your journey easier. As a Wealth Coach, I am prepared to support you in any way so when we hit turbulence you will not panic and go off course. I will hold you accountable and I will sometimes challenge you within your boundaries. Along the way, we will make lots of friends and these friends will elevate your financial self-esteem even more and serve as your R&D team long after I am gone.

If you think you can do this yourself, then think about why it hasn’t happened so far. There are lots of excuses why you haven’t started and lots of reasons why you may want to put it off. As we get older, we have a finite number of years left to build wealth and make our dreams a reality. Don’t wait! Would you choose to…

  • Launch a new business or product
  • Double your income
  • Retire early
  • Buy a home or rental property
  • Transition to a new career
  • Work part-time

What’s the cost? Click here for my fee schedule to build wealth. My average engagement is 6 months and I promise to inspire, challenge, enlighten and empower the best out of you, to help you to realize your goals in 2010 and beyond. To see results quickly, e-mail me at fern@wholeheartedway.com to set up a date and time for a complimentary first session to see if we are good travel mates. I’ll’ take you there!

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