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It Seems Incredible….But, You Too Can Have That
Peace Of Mind Most People Only Dream About.
Here's How....


Fern will coach you to feel whole again, to reduce the confusion and make things happen in your life. You will stop feeling embarrassed, naïve or at a loss about what financial direction you are going.

A survey by the Center for Disease Control showed that Americans making more than $50,000/yr felt FEWER, sad, blue, or depressed days than those who made less than that. The research also reported that people showing the highest number of sad, blue, or depressed days also engaged in unhealthy behaviors, like smoking and rarely feel like exercising.


You'll put into practice the values you hold dear in your life. Let's work together to change the things you can and manage the things you can't. Goals will be prioritized and your achievements will be benchmarked.


The path starts with a clear vision. Together we'll evaluate where you are and where you want to be. You'll feel more abundance in your life. Individuals, who plan, have significantly higher wealth than those who don't.

More than 40% of the US Labor force will reach the traditional retirement age by the end of this decade, according to a new study by the Conference Board, a New York research organization. In the next seven years, the number of US workers between ages 55 and 64 will grow 51% to 25 million, meaning the fastest-growing portion of the work force is the one at most risk of retiring soon. How will you retire?

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