wealth building

Have you fixed all your Nagging, Unfinished, Tasks, (NUTS) that keep you from building wealth? Most people don’t move until the last minute to finish their NUTS especially when they come to see me, a Wealth Coach. Time and money are the biggest obstacles that keep people from getting their finances in order. But not addressing […]

I have been a big fan of these 7 steps to build wealth since I have been a Certified Financial Planner for over 26 years and have used them successfully with clients. You won’t find any get rich quick to make up your losses fast schemes here. You will find common sense, everyday action items […]

Nearly half of the investors in a survey said they had never worked up a comprehensive financial plan to build wealth with a professional – according to Opinion Research Corp, of Princeton, New Jersey which conducted the poll for MoneyTrack, a public television series. See if any of these 3 wealth building mistakes apply to […]

I get that question all the time and I laugh. What’s good?  What is on a hot streak? There are lots of investment products out there that can build wealth and people treat these things like shiny new objects to pick off the shelf. Every investment will have some sort of risk, some range of […]

To build wealth in real estate you need to know when a good time to refinance your mortgage is. Getting a good rate and at a low cost helps build equity fast and increases cash flow. The general rule has been if you can get two points below your current rate then that is a […]