Do you remember your first investment loss? What did it feel like? It was a long time ago and I know so much now but I don’t think I will ever forget the first time I lost money. I wanted to invest some money I had saved up but knew nothing about investments. A friend […]

As we all get older and experience the ups and downs of the economy, we worry about job safety. In this fast paced world, the age of the 30 year career and gold watch and pension has gone out the window. What will the future look like? If we are dependent on social security alone, […]

Nearly half of the investors in a survey said they had never worked up a comprehensive financial plan to build wealth with a professional – according to Opinion Research Corp, of Princeton, New Jersey which conducted the poll for MoneyTrack, a public television series. See if any of these 3 wealth building mistakes apply to […]

I get that question all the time and I laugh. What’s good?  What is on a hot streak? There are lots of investment products out there that can build wealth and people treat these things like shiny new objects to pick off the shelf. Every investment will have some sort of risk, some range of […]

After 26 years as a Financial Advisor, the most common fear I see in clients is not having enough money. The media shows a life without money as one without joy or hope or activity. That is a common myth. Many people have risen above financial collapse to enjoy their lives, and you can, too. […]

I am not a big fan of target date funds. But my colleague, Roger Wohlner,  has done a great job of discussing them here: Fidelity is one of the largest providers of 401(k) plans and like many fund company platforms it is common for their plan sponsor clients to offer several or all of Fidelity’s […]

I am a big fan of Warren Buffett- but not always. Sometimes it seems like his investment tips are out of touch and just when I want to think of him as an old bag who isn’t investing with the times- he pulls out a one two punch and shows everyone how it’s done right. […]