Investing is the 5th step of 7 in a do it yourself financial plan. Most people don’t understand that to build wealth you have to invest. A combination of saving and investing is important to your successful do it yourself financial plan. By doing both, you automatically lower your risk, increase your potential return and […]

We can invest for our early retirement even in times like this where we are faced with economic uncertainty, collapse of real estate prices and turmoil in the finance services industry. To do so requires a disciplined, patient, unemotional approach to long term investing. Stick to these 7 secrets of investing for an early retirement: 1. […]

I am not a big fan of target date funds. But my colleague, Roger Wohlner,  has done a great job of discussing them here: Fidelity is one of the largest providers of 401(k) plans and like many fund company platforms it is common for their plan sponsor clients to offer several or all of Fidelity’s […]

I am a big fan of Warren Buffett- but not always. Sometimes it seems like his investment tips are out of touch and just when I want to think of him as an old bag who isn’t investing with the times- he pulls out a one two punch and shows everyone how it’s done right. […]