financial plan

In order to build wealth you need a good financial plan. Most people start by talking with a Financial Advisor or a Stock Broker.  The most unfortunate thing that happens is that they ask for advice right away without even considering what it is that they want.  A financial professional can guide you to what to […]

Have you worked with or been approached by a financial advisor who offered you free financial planning services? It sure seems hard to beat free and is pretty easy to agree to that type of service. Compare that to the financial advisor asking you to pay for financial planning service and it’s almost a no-brainer, […]

Do-It-Yourself Financial Plan Step #2 is Risk Management. Risk Management is about managing all the risks we have in our lives. We can’t prevent disaster from happening but we can manage the risk we take by offsetting our costs with insurance. In our do-it-yourself- financial plan, we analyze the risk we are taking with our […]

Prepare Your Home and Business for Disaster Get serious about an Emergency Kit for you  home and office Your business will not survive without a Contingency Plan A Financial Plan is the essential last step Emergency Kit House or office may be dangerous or impossible to enter It is likely there will be NO outside […]

Do-It-Yourself Financial Plan Step #1,  Cash and Credit Cash flow is where you start. You may not think that you have cash flow but if you are earning money either through a job or investments, then money is coming into your bank account and that is cash flow. But wait! – Before you start paying […]