3. Estate Planning

I just got back from a memorial service for a good friend of mine that I had known since high school. Unfortunately he left behind an estate planning nightmare. I gave my friend many financial planning tips over the years and he did everything I suggested so he could to make sure his business, and […]

The third step in your do it yourself financial plan is estate planning. Estate planning is thought about as wills, trusts, and gifts, etc. Not anymore. No one wants to think of sickness, old age, and death, yet all of us will experience that at some point, and the most important element of a person’s […]

Do-It-Yourself Financial Plan Step #3 Estate planning is not just for the dying. Wills, trusts, powers of attorneys, medical directives, etc- sounds so awful. But consider that if something were to happen to you and your spouse, a judge would say who your children would go to live with. Or without a corrected beneficiary designation, […]