Interest Rate Scare!

by Fern Alix LaRocca CFP® EA · 0 comments

    Whew!   Everyone was expecting an interest rate increase… but it didn’t happen. Now what? For Banks: They can’t raise the rates on those variable rate mortgages and other loans For consumers: You continue to get low interest rates Considering that consumers are saving more and have more in the bank (or credit […]

Do-It-Yourself Financial Plan Step #1,  Cash and Credit Cash flow is where you start. You may not think that you have cash flow but if you are earning money either through a job or investments, then money is coming into your bank account and that is cash flow. But wait! – Before you start paying […]

Cash is king right now. With people losing their jobs and the markets in negative territory, everyone is loading up on cash and I think that is the right thing to do. If the roof leaks, or the car needs repair, you will not have to use a credit card to pay for it, you […]