A client asked me to look over his 401(k) portfolio. He was quite disturbed over the losses in his account. He agreed to pay me my hourly rate for one hour just to look it over and give him my thoughts on the matter. I agreed since it was a small amount of money with […]

Make the most of what you have to make the most of your tomorrow.  Your 401K contributions are your first investment dollars. Those dollars will grow more faster than any other investment because of the tax advantages that we discuss in detail here. Take advantage of the opportunity to contribute and put the maximum amount […]

Maximum 401K Contribution

by Fern Alix LaRocca CFP® EA · 0 comments

To find your 401k maximum contribution for 2010 and more see 401K Contribution Limits To make the most of your 401K contributions, you need to know first how much you can contribute. Usually that is based on a vesting schedule. See your employer about when you “vest”.  401K contributions are also limited. You can contribute […]