2. Risk Management

One best action step you can take to build wealth is to keep good records. I just experienced a small earthquake near my home and it made me think about if I was prepared for a disaster. Of course, I have all of my insurance in place- health, property,life and disability. But there are many […]

I received this reader question recently and wanted to respond publicly: “I would like to no more about this programs and does it really works? I have made a few investments on the stock exchange through information that i got from Penny Stocks newsletters but was unsuccessful. I want  more wealth but dont no how […]

Many baby boomers are finding themselves in the uncomfortable position of becoming parent to their parents. Research shows that caregivers caught off guard by an ailing parent may suffer almost as much vocationally and emotionally as they do financially. If you planned to withdraw 5% a year to support your lifestyle when you retire, and […]

Disability insurance – do you need it? How much? What kind? Is it better to pay for it individually or through a group disability plan. What are some of the common features? No one likes to think about needing disability insurance. We all think it is just for older people but statistics show that the […]

All of us now or at some time in our lives will have to take care of someone- a child who is ill, or a spouse who gets disabled or has a chronic illness- but most of the time it is a parent that is aging. We are all living longer. The heavy responsibility that […]

Do-It-Yourself Financial Plan Step #2 is Risk Management. Risk Management is about managing all the risks we have in our lives. We can’t prevent disaster from happening but we can manage the risk we take by offsetting our costs with insurance. In our do-it-yourself- financial plan, we analyze the risk we are taking with our […]

RiskManagement042810 With all the disasters happening out there, I had to let you know my favorite resource on the subject-Charles Wilson of Risk Smart Solutions. Charles is a fee-only insurance expert with whom I have personally used to review all of my risks-home, auto, business, rental properties, etc The link above is an interview I […]

Prepare Your Home and Business for Disaster Get serious about an Emergency Kit for you  home and office Your business will not survive without a Contingency Plan A Financial Plan is the essential last step Emergency Kit House or office may be dangerous or impossible to enter It is likely there will be NO outside […]

Is Travel Insurance Worth the Cost? Trip-cancellation coverage is best for travelers who are spending a lot of money for a nonrefundable itinerary. Fern Alix LaRocca CFP® EA I’m Fern Alix LaRocca, a Certified Financial Planner licensee and Wealth Coach with over 30 years helping you add more cash to your wallet and build more […]

HEALTH CARE CHANGES IN AMERICA Might this be the end of the debate? Most Definitely Not. The House approves the Senate bill. Not a single Republican voted for it, but 219 Democrats did – and by a vote of 219-212, the House of Representatives sent the Senate’s version of landmark healthcare legislation toward President Obama’s […]