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Interest Rate Scare!

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    Whew!   Everyone was expecting an interest rate increase… but it didn’t happen. Now what? For Banks: They can’t raise the rates on those variable rate mortgages and other loans For consumers: You continue to get low interest rates Considering that consumers are saving more and have more in the bank (or credit […]

I received this reader question recently and wanted to respond publicly: “I would like to no more about this programs and does it really works? I have made a few investments on the stock exchange through information that i got from Penny Stocks newsletters but was unsuccessful. I want  more wealth but dont no how […]

  It’s summer time and people are going places. The kids are out of school and many vacation plans are laid out. It’s also a time when people reflect on their personal development. There are lots of programs to inspire and motivate you to build wealth – there is the book called the Secret, and […]

Have you fixed all your Nagging, Unfinished, Tasks, (NUTS) that keep you from building wealth? Most people don’t move until the last minute to finish their NUTS especially when they come to see me, a Wealth Coach. Time and money are the biggest obstacles that keep people from getting their finances in order. But not addressing […]

I have been a big fan of these 7 steps to build wealth since I have been a Certified Financial Planner for over 26 years and have used them successfully with clients. You won’t find any get rich quick to make up your losses fast schemes here. You will find common sense, everyday action items […]

Just 17 more days left to save money on taxes- do some of these easy tax saving tips for cash in your pocket in new year (Note: I personally have done 3 of these and expect an extra $1,000 in my tax refund in April -WOO-HOO!) Top 7 Year End Tax Saving Tips   Fern […]

You Deserve to Be Paid

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You deserve to pay yourself first and it is the most important element of building wealth.  I hear all the time about how difficult it is to save and invest money. We all succumb to the temptations of the material world. On top of that we have very sophisticated marketers who have studied in detail […]

I have met lots of folks who believe that to build wealth they need to make a big salary- then it’s all good. Well, wake up, because it ain’t . Inflation and taxes are lurking and munching down on that salary each year so your whole net worth (meaning what you own) has to be […]

Have you worked with or been approached by a financial advisor who offered you free financial planning services? It sure seems hard to beat free and is pretty easy to agree to that type of service. Compare that to the financial advisor asking you to pay for financial planning service and it’s almost a no-brainer, […]

Do-It-Yourself Financial Plan Step #1,  Cash and Credit Cash flow is where you start. You may not think that you have cash flow but if you are earning money either through a job or investments, then money is coming into your bank account and that is cash flow. But wait! – Before you start paying […]