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You don’t make goals because you are afraid of failing. So I am going to give you permission to go ahead and make some goals and fail at achieving them. Because after you make these big hairy audacious goals, (you will laugh at how unattainable they are) but you won’t laugh at how close you […]

  Many people think I know of a “great investment” or that I have a favorite that I use over and over again. I have been in the financial services industry now for over 30 years. (Yes, I am old.) I do have certain favorites that I prefer -for myself. My risk tolerance, my tax […]

Do you remember your first investment loss? What did it feel like? It was a long time ago and I know so much now but I don’t think I will ever forget the first time I lost money. I wanted to invest some money I had saved up but knew nothing about investments. A friend […]

As we all get older and experience the ups and downs of the economy, we worry about job safety. In this fast paced world, the age of the 30 year career and gold watch and pension has gone out the window. What will the future look like? If we are dependent on social security alone, […]

I attended a Enrolled Agent’s conference recently and there was a good discussion of the various ways people charge fees. Now EAs like other small business owners consistently undercharge for their services. I liken this to other habitual patterns that we do thinking that it makes our life easier. It may make it easier to […]

Like most people, I have refinanced my mortgage to get a lower rate. My previous lender was Schwab Bank and my new mortgage is with Quicken Loans. Since then, I have been flooded with information enticing me to refinance again and at an even lower rate. It is obvious to me when I read this […]

A friend called me up to chat. He has had a great career and just completed a CEO post. He had just gotten a check from a company he worked for over 20 years. It was his retirement plan so I knew it had to be close to a 7 figure check. What he said […]

I want to change the way you think about money! It’s hard to find the real truth in financial information today and even harder to know whom to trust. That is about to change. Among the key findings in the CFP Board (Consumer Federation of America Household Financial Planning) survey are that people today are […]

A client asked me to look over his 401(k) portfolio. He was quite disturbed over the losses in his account. He agreed to pay me my hourly rate for one hour just to look it over and give him my thoughts on the matter. I agreed since it was a small amount of money with […]

Home or Investment?

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After 8 months of looking, and being outbid twice (yes, Bay Area real estate is still hot in certain areas), I finally found a home to buy. Every time I think that prices cannot go any higher – they go higher… and higher. What does this mean for all of us? For people trying to […]