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Best Financial Tips for the Worst Year

2008 has been a challenging year for everyone. How you position yourself at your job or business and how you position your finances will be crucial for attaining wealth and keeping it. Here are 3 quick planning tips that you can use before year end:

1. Certificate of Deposits currently have higher rates than money market funds. A nice trick is to “ladder” different CDs with different maturity dates so you have access to funds at any time.

2. Pat yourself on the back if you have 30% or less in losses on your investments. That’s right- give yourself a reward. Currently the Dow, and the Nasdaq are down a lot more than that so you would have accomplished what 95% of all active fund managers couldn’t do ---beat the market.

3. If you do own actively managed mutual funds, you probably will have some large capital gain distributions at year end coming (if they are outside of a retirement plan). Sell some shares at a loss to offset those capital gain distributions so your taxes don’t go up in April.

Remember that part of being wealthy is having the right mindset. My clients have had huge gains in their businesses and in their lives this year because they had me- their Wealth Coach to help them keep their focus on what they really want to achieve and specific action to get there. Don’t let another year go by wondering if you are doing all you can with your money and if you will ever live the life you always wanted.

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May your days be merry and bright

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