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My husband and I like to splurge on a fancy meal every now and then
and we noticed the Slow Food trend among the foodies in the Bay
Area. I don't know who started it but Slow Food is basically
locally grown fresh foods that are not precooked in the restaurant-
so be prepared to wait for your meal. It will be a long dinner, but
it will be worthwhile. Fresh food expertly prepared and artfully
presented makes a meal and an evening extra special.

I propose the same idea with money. Sick of the great rich quick
scams and schemes? I know I am. There is a way to make money. I
have done it for myself and my clients- the slow way. Like a fine
dish to be prepared, you can slowly, and simply grow your
money, understand it's purpose and invest it for the future to fund
the lifestyle that you desire.

Let's get back to the basics of money management in 2009. I am
working on programs to answer all of your concerns below that you
have shared with me:

Build a solid long term investment portfolio to meet
you and your spouse's goals.

How to make the most out of what's left in your 401K

Develop a financial foundation before you invest so your investment
plan won't disappear before it's time.

Get organized-find out what's working and what needs to go.

Find discretionary cash flow and reduce or eliminate debt

Charge what you are worth and get it

Tell me more of what your financial concerns are and I will make
them vanish in 2009!

I will be sending out a survey in the future to get feedback on new
programs and services coming up, but don't hesitate to email me
fern@wholeheartedway.com or tweet me at
http://twitter.com/wholeheartedway with comments on what you are
concerned about in today's economy.

Click here to join in my last free half-hour discussion for the
year. (See below for more information.)

"The ultimate mentality of poverty is also the mentality of
richness at the same time. Whatever situations need to be created,
you can create them, and you get it. You are in command of the
whole situation. So that is being extremely wealthy."
THE SIX BARDOS, page 247.

May you and your family have a happy and healthy holiday season!

Remember, it's not how much you make, but how much you keep.

Fern Alix LaRocca CFP® EA
Wealth Coach  

Work Less and Play More in the Second Half of Your Life

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